Boardman Tzaneen

Can clients buy on credit?

Yes, Clients can only buy on credit if they have applied for credit and a Account with a credit limit is approved from Head office.

Can clients buy on lay buy?

Yes, Clients can buy on Lay Buy and the payment period is three months.

Can clients combine the Boardbucks from Polokwane with the Boardbucks from Tzaneen?

No, Boardbucks is branch specific and can not be combined.

Can clients use Boardbucks to buy from Gelmar?

No, Boardbucks is a reward initiative only to Boardman.

Do Boardman do installation off cupboards? / Do we do Installations or build cabinets for  clients?

No, Boardman do not build or install cupboards. We do have a list of installers that is freely available to clients who they can contact for assistance regarding building and installation of cupboards.

Boardman Bethlehem

What is your Lead Time?

5-7 Working days, pending stock availability.

Do you offer a fitting/measuring service?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a fitting or measuring service as we are strictly cut and edge factory.

We can refer Capable carpenters in your area for that will help with measuring and assembly and installation.

Our team is available to answer any questions or offer help/suggestions on how best to measure and fit.

How do I know the sizes of the cut panels?

All panels are labelled with the size and colour.

How accurate is your cutting service?

We use a Selko Sk 4 Bessie Beam saw. Fast, accurate positioning of the panels for optimum cutting precision, thanks to the robust pusher carriage activated by a brushless motor. The slide surface below the pushing device is fitted with independent rollers to avoid making any marks.

Are you able to cut angles and Corners?

Yes, we cut 90° and 45° Corners, and Bevels and Meter cuts.

Can I keep any Offcuts?

Yes, you can keep all Offcuts.

What happens if you cut a panel to a wrong size?

If we cut the wrong size, we will replace the panel with the correct size.

Boardman Polokwane

Do you do cutting?

5-7 Working days, pending stock availability.

Do you sell solid wood?

No, we do not sell solid wood.

Do you sell hardware?

No, we do not sell solid wood.

Do you have a catalogue?

No only on website, showroom and Facebook images.

Do you sell granite or stone?

We do not sell Granite or Stone.

Do you do aluminium frames / doors?

No, but we do Glass cut-outs.

Do you sell full boards or can we buy according to size?

Yes, we sell full boards and you can also order according to size.

Do you have a CNC machine?

No, we don't have a CNC machine.

Do you do holes for handles?

Yes we do.

Do you do holes for adjustable shelves?

No, we do not.

Do you do installations?

No, we do not do installations.

Do you give accounts?

No, but we do have applications for schools and business.

Are you on social media (FB, Instagram, Tik tok)?

Yes, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook using the following links:



Do you do special cuts like glass cut-outs, corners 45º or 90º?

Yes, we do all those cuttings.

Do you have your own carpenters that do installations?

No, but we have a list of carpenters that we can refer customers to, but you are welcome to use your own carpenter.

Do you do designs?

Yes, we do designs.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do deliveries at an extra fee.

How long does cut & edge take?

3 – 5 working days.

How long does it take to deliver after cutting?

A day or two after cutting & edging.

Do you sell quality boards?

Yes, we sell quality boards.

Should I be afraid of water on melamine boards?

Yes, we recommend keeping you melamine boards away from water.

How long does Formica tops last and can I put a hot pot or something on Formica top?

Not recommended for hot, because its activated by heat. It's a lifeseal top if you take care of it, it will last for many years.

Do you sell pine shelving?

No, we do not sell pine shelving.

Do you cut outside boards (bought from other board companies)?

No, we do not.

What payment facilities do you have available?

Cash, Card, EFT, and Lay-Bye.